Ice vs Heat

Ice vs Heat

That is the age old question and everyone has an opinion.

All the chiropractors in the Walkley Chiropractic Group treat a variety of acute (few days to few weeks) and chronic (months) conditions that require heat and ice therapy to assist in pain relief. When to do which is confusing, let’s try to clarify the Ice vs Heat question;


Using ICE therapy aims to reduce the inflammation and swelling in the body. You should use ice when you have an acute condition (i.e. – in the first few days to weeks and you have the most severe and sharp pain).


Using HEAT therapy aims to reduce stiffness in the joints and muscles in the body. You should use heat when you have a chronic condition (i.e. – once the severe pain has reduced and you are left feeling stiff and tight).

This is a general rule and is obviously dependant on a case by case basis. DO YOU have a condition and not sure which to use? Are you suffering in pain and it’s not getting better?

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