Elbow pain is a very common presentation amongst both manual workers; desk bound workers and the common athlete. The most common cause is overuse of the wrist extensor muscle (this muscle is responsible in cocking the wrist backwards) where excessive wrist extension occurs. Pain on the outside of the elbow has commonly been referred to as tennis elbow, unfortunately however this can be a deceptive term as this injury is more common amongst the non tennis population than those that actually engage in the sport. A more appropriate name is lateral epicondylitis.

Treatment to manage this injury consists of soft tissue therapy, mobilisations, dry needling, graston, heat/ice therapy, kinesio taping, interferential therapy and rehabilitation exercises.  Advice and activity modification are vitally important to decrease pain and to help assist long term improvement.

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Pain on the outside of the elbow is commonly referred to as tennis elbow

Certain movement usually involving gripping or cocking of the wrist will aggravate the condition

Pain is commonly felt on the outside of the elbow but refers into the forearm

Onset of pain may be either acute or insidious

The severity of the pain can vary from very mild to incapacitating

Many therapies can be helpful in treating tennis elbow