Soft tissue therapy is the assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue injuries. All chiropractors within the Walkley Chiropractic Group are trained in and utilize a range of soft tissue techniques.

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Myofascial therapy which targets the muscles and its associated fascia. It is designed to affect the mobility of connective tissue by addressing adhesions within the fibrous structures

Cross Friction Therapy is a technique that mobilizes adhesions within or between fibrous layers. muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue structures

Soft Tissue Technique is where the practitioner applies firm, direct pressure to relax tight muscles and stretch tight fascial structures

Trigger point therapy is a technique where firm sustained pressure is applied to local areas of muscle tightness to produce a reflex relaxation in the muscle as a whole

PNF is a stretching technique that is very effective is reducing the tension/ tightness in a targeted muscle

Trigenics treats muscular imbalances that may be either the cause or the result of injury or disease