Pregnancy is a very special time when health and well-being is of great importance to yourself and the child developing within. During this time, there are many growing demands on both your spine and nervous system. As the baby grows, your body’s biomechanics must constantly adapt and unfortunately this is no easy task. Discomfort progresses to disuse and poor movement patterns subsequently develop. Ultimately this detracts from what should otherwise be a positive pregnancy experience. 

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Correcting abnormal joint movement – this reduces pain and improves function

Maintaining joint function and spinal balance so the spine may adapt to changes in weight distribution and posture

Ensuring joints of the low back and pelvis are moving freely to assist in the birth process. Proper joint movement assists in pelvic expansion

Educating on correct posture, lifting techniques and other lifestyle factors to reduce spinal stress

Recommending exercises to assist in maintaining spinal health

Recent studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments result in easier pregnancies, decreased labour time and helps get new mothers back to pre-pregnancy health