Walkley Chiropractic Group has had a long and successful association with both individual athletes and sporting teams in the South West of Western Australia. With a group of experienced chiropractors, who have gained numerous post graduate qualifications in the treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries, we provide a unique service to the injured athlete. Our knowledge and training enables us to successfully treat and rehabilitate not only spinal and peripheral joint injuries but also soft tissue conditions involving muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia.

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Years of experience treating the injured athlete

Chiropractors with numerous post-graduate qualifications in sporting injuries

Use multiple modalities including laser, ultrasound, laser, dry needling, graston, myofascial release, trigenics, kenesio taping, stretching programmes and rehabilitation exercises

Rehabilitation room containing fitballs, Bosu balls, wobble boards, tubing, resistance banding, lumbar rolls and body blades

Provide structured injury rehabilitation programmes

Our South Bunbury practice has an extensive range of rehabilitation equipment including laser, interferential therapy (similar to TENS) and ultrasound