Exercise for Health GAIN rather than weight LOSS

With the start of a new year, there is a jump in gym memberships, resolutions and goals.

Often these are centered around weight LOSS and the shedding of kilos stacked on after Christmas festivities.

There is an inner monologue that determinedly sets the compass to “I WILL lose ‘X’ kilos in 4 weeks” and you know what? The majority of the companies out there who promote “weight loss” know just what to say to hook you in.
“ Join our 6 Week body transformation!”

“ 12 weeks to a bikini body!”

And so on. Complete with a 22 year old cover shot model who has always had a bikini body.

There are shakes, meal replacements, supposed fat burning supplements and coaches who will help you “shred”. And if you fall off the band wagon hey, there is always tomorrow right? You tell yourself you will start again tomorrow. The cycle perpetuates.

The thing is though, if you don’t see out those New year’s resolutions on weight loss, it isn’t because you aren’t disciplined enough. A large part is because the incentive carrot placed in front of your metaphorical donkey is all wrong.
You are searching for LOSS rather than GAIN.
Glass half empty or half full?
So let’s focus on what you will GAIN and REAP as a REWARD for exercise rather than what you are trying to LOSE and change the lens we are looking through.
If you weight train, you will GAIN muscle mass. Muscle boosts your metabolic energy requirements and your body’s need for fuel.

If you move your body every day you will GAIN increased oxygen throughout your blood.

If you move your body in a new way learning new skills (such as dance) you will GAIN NEW neural connections in your brain.

If you exercise in a group, you will GAIN a sense of community and mutual support from friends old and new with a shared vision.

If you exercise every day you will GAIN mobility and strength.

If you exercise every day you will GAIN that bit of time for yourself (especially if you are a mother).

If you move your body every day, you will GAIN freedom to move within your body and confidence you can lift that box without injuring your back for the millionth time.

So print out these GAINS and put them up on the back of your bathroom door- or mirror- somewhere you will see it every day to remind you of what you will reap.

For a sensible daily exercise plan you can commit to safely for those with injuries or pain, consulting your Chiropractor and enrolling them in your health journey will boost your motivation to succeed in sticking to that routine. If you are unsure about what exercise is safe or appropriate, we have experienced Chiropractors with postgraduate Sports Chiropractic Diplomas who can assist in programming for you.