7 Health Facts Men Need To Know

Balance really is the key to good quality of life – everything in moderation. Taking care of nutrition, nervous system health and increasing physical activity levels can all contribute to improvements in the functioning of all systems of the body. Neglect these essentials and the opposite starts to happen. Metabolisms slow leading to weight gain. Lack of exercise leads to a reduction in strength and this is likely to result in feeling under par.

During Men’s Health Week, health practitioners are focussed on raising the awareness of health issues faced by men and boys. Talking about health, bringing it out into the open and more importantly getting men to listen and act are the key factors in the treatment process for conditions that disproportionately affect men.

Figures show that men are far more likely to suffer health conditions such as skin cancer, Cirrhosis and other liver diseases, lung cancer, blood and lymph cancers and mental health issues.

Awareness and having the courage to do something about it is going to be key in reversing the trend in these diseases. The more well known Men’s Health Week becomes, the more people will feel it is OK to talk about health issues instead of ignoring them and hoping they go away. So, spread the word people and let’s take care of the men in our lives!