Disc Injuries, Sciatica, Nerve Pain

Disc injuries, sciatic pain, sciatica and pain extending down the arms can all be caused by an injured disc or a bulging disc which is pressing on surrounding nerves which either causes local pain or pain down the arms or legs.

At Walkley Chiropractic clinic, we see many patients with disc injuries and associated nerve pains like sciatica. Chiropractic treatment of disc injuries focusses on restoring normal movement to the spine so as to reduce the pressure of the impingement on the disc which in turn reduces pain, inflammation and nerve root pain. Chiropractic manipulation coupled with a series of exercises aimed at restoring strength to the surrounding muscles can result in the very effective treatment of disc injuries, sciatic pain, nerve pain and sciatica.

Treating Disc Injuries at Walkley Chiropractic Clinic

Disc injuries account for about 5% of all the lower back injuries we treat at Walkley Chiropractic Clinic. Our first objective when treating patients with this condition is to use gentle manipulation techniques to realign structures to help relieve pain. All treatment plans at Walkey Chiropractic clinic are evidence-based. In addition to treatment through manipulation, we also develop a rehabilitation programme for our patients which include rehabilitation exercises to strengthen surrounding muscle to prevent a recurrence of the disc injury.

Treating Sciatica or Sciatic Pain at Walkley Chiropractic Clinic

Sciatica or sciatic pain is a general term given to leg pain that is caused by irritation or inflammation of the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back and down each leg. Typical symptoms of sciatica include pain, numbness, tingling and weakness. The causes of sciatica are many; disc injuries, degenerative spinal conditions and pregnancy. The ability to treat sciatica starts with identifying the cause of the sciatic pain. At Walkey Chiropractic Clinic, we manage this process through taking a thorough case history, conducting a thorough examination and possibly using diagnostic imaging to formulate a treatment plan. The treatment plan will typically involve spinal adjustment, mobilisation therapy and gentle traction. In addition, both dry needling and kinesio taping can be used to great effect. Finally, as with all our treatment plans, we will develop a programme of rehabilitative stretches and exercises to prevent recurrence of the problem.

Treating Nerve Pain at Walkley Chiropractic Clinic

In much the same way as sciatica develops, nerve pain is usually as a result of an impingement or pressure caused by an injury in another part of the body. As with disc injuries in the lower back creating nerve pain down the leg, disc injuries in the upper back area can cause pain to travel down the arm. This is because the damaged disc is irritating the nerve root that extends down the arm. Treatment at Walkley Chiropractic Clinic will include developing a treatment plan based on taking a case history, physical examination and diagnostic imaging if necessary. Treatment will include gentle manipulation which could also utilise dry needling and kinesio taping. In addition, rehabilitation exercises form a key part of the rehabilitation process.

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