The neck is a very complex and intricate structure. Not only does it need to be highly mobile and flexible, at the time it needs to be stable and strong enough to support the head. Daily stressors such as driving, office work, computer work, sustained postural stress, use of a mobile phone as well as physical activity and sport all amplify the daily demands that are placed on the neck. Is it little wonder that neck pain is one of the most common presenting complaints that chiropractors treat?

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3rd highest cause of chronic pain

It can be caused by a number of reasons – from something as simple as improper posture or more traumatic cause such as accidents or injury

The neck is a very complex and intricate structure that requires specific treatment techniques

Simple changes to posture and daily habits can have a major beneficial effect on neck pain

Neck problems can be a major cause of headaches

Treatment of neck pain involves a combination of many varied therapeutic techniques