Chiropractic Treatment for Sporting Injuries

You may not immediately think of Chiropractic treatment for Sporting Injuries. However, evidence-based chiropractic treatment can be extremely effective in recovering from a sporting injury.

At Walkley Chiropractic Clinic, we have a number of highly qualified chiropractors who specialise in the treatment of sporting injuries. Our evidence based treatment techniques, along with a rehabilitation programme; including rehabilitation exercises, leads to successful recovery. In addition to our hands-on therapies, Walkley Chiropractic Clinic offers other services which can help relieve the discomfort of a sporting injury. These include: dry needling and kinesio taping.

Dr David Walkley

Dr David Walkley is one of only two chiropractors in the south west region with an International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma. This means he may treat elite athletes playing at international levels. In this capacity, David, was team chiropractor for the Perth International Rugby Union Tournament, the National Indoor Hockey Championships and the Margaret River Classic.

Dr Ben King

In addition to Dr David Walkley and Dr Stephen Lee, Dr Ben King is also an extremely accomplished chiropractor in the treatment of sporting injuries and sports taping techniques. Ben was previously a sports trainer for Fremantle CBC Football Club and so has hand-on experience treating both on and off field injuries.

Treatment by Walkley Chiropractic Group

At Walkley Chiropractic Clinic, our chiropractors have continually progressed their studies and gained post graduate qualifications in the treatment and rehabilitation of sporting injuries. We provide a unique service to our injured athletes by developing a programme to aid recovery and prevent a recurrence of the problem.

Our patients will have a treatment programme developed for them including manipulation treatment. In addition, we offer many other treatment techniques to aid recovery. These include: dry needling, graston technique, myofascial release, trigenics and kinesio taping. In addition, our South Bunbury practice has an extensive range of rehabilitation equipment including laser, ultrasound and interferential therapy.

Our structured rehabilitation programmes also include dedicated stretching programmes and rehabilitation exercises. We have a dedicated rehabilitation room containing fit balls, bosu balls, wobble boards, tubing, resistance banding, lumbar rolls and body blades.

In addition, our close association with fitness experts and pilates instructors can further aid recovery and prevent the injury from recurring.

Contact Walkley Chiropractic Clinic for an appointment if you are need of treatment for a sporting injury.